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MPI Winter Tire Program

McPhillips Nissan

At McPhillips Nissan, we want to help you with the MPI Winter Tire Program Information.  


Listed below are the main details for the MPI or sometimes known as the Autopac winter tire program.

The purpose of the MPI Winter Tire Program is to help people all over Manitoba and Winnipeg purchase a set of Winter Tires. The MPI Winter Tire Financing Program is currently in effect, if you have any questions please call our dealership and we would be happy to help you with selecting Winter Tires or MPI Program Questions.

MPI - Winter Tire Program

Even for the safest drivers, winter roads can pose a road safety hazard. You can reduce your risk on the roads by purchasing winter tires through the Manitoba Public Insurance low-interest financing program.

Financing Rate: The financing rate allowed under this program is the prime rate plus 2% with any term between 12- 48 months (1 – 4 years). With a valid driver’s license, an individual can finance multiple vehicles.

Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for the Winter Tire Program, you’ll need to be a Manitoba Driver’s License holder and the registered owner of the vehicle you’re purchasing tires for. You can quickly check your eligibility with MPI’s tool here: MPI Winter Tire Program eligibility


Estimated Payments:


MPI Winter Tire Program Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this program being offered?

On March 6, 2014, the Manitoba government announced a program to make winter tires more accessible to Manitoba drivers. Eligible Manitobans can receive a low-interest loan at prime plus two percent* through Manitoba Public Insurance to finance winter tires and associated costs.

What items are eligible for financing through the Winter Tire Program?

Only tires appearing on this list are eligible to be financed. In addition to tires, these tire related components can also be financed through the program.

Can be Financed

Cannot be Financed (Customer must pay)

  • Rims
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Addition of studs to tires (some limitations apply)
  • Mounting and Balancing
  • Applicable taxes and fees
  • Switchover costs (if paid during initial purchase)
  • Storage costs (if paid during initial purchase)
  • Wheel alignment
  • Nitrogen fill
  • Valve stems
  • Shop Supplies
  • Tire repair (punctures, flat tires, etc.)
  • Maintenance
  • Warranty or roadside assistance
  • Switchover costs (if not part of the initial purchase)
  • Storage costs (if not part of the initial purchase)

What do I need to provide to the tire retailer?

When starting the loan authorization process with a Winter Tire Program participating retailer, you will be required to:


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To sign up for the program and get your winter tires today, give us a call at 204-632-7135. 


*Interest rates are determined by the Bank of Canada and are subject to change without notice. code: IkmnVSjTMdgEY3vjegWH7SzLBusLkonnAVRlW9EdpMPCQ1SuHfiScenQP/vBct3r|106521|1